Informatic Maintenance

Soporte Informático Integral

Our computer maintenance service aims to avoid possible incidents that may arise, and if they occur, solve them quickly so that both the equipment and the data they guard, are always safe. Finally, we ensure your peace of mind and the continuity of your business by always establishing those performance parameters that work towards these objectives.

  • Initial diagnosis of your company
  • Remote Computer Maintenance
  • Preventive Computer Maintenance
  • Computer Corrective Maintenance
  • Evolutionary Computer Maintenance
  • All visits and interventions that were necessary
  • Express service

At PcSinProblemas we take care of everything so you can dedicate yourself to your business without any worries.

We create for you the best technological infrastructure capable of guaranteeing productivity, peace of mind and reliability in your company and thanks to:

  • 01.

    A continuous preventive computer maintenance, with which we maximize the functionality and speed of your systems.

  • 02.

    We solve your incident in a minimum time, either through remote support or face-to-face technical support, with the necessary tools and components in each case.

  • 03.

    Solutions adapted to each client, improving the present technological infrastructure, greater productivity and functionality, reducing the costs of your company.

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